Prince TeXtreme Pro Beast X 750 PB Squas
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Prince TeXtreme Pro Beast X 750 PB Squash Racquet

The Prince TeXtreme Pro Beast X 750 Powerbite squash racket is light at 126 grams, but very powerful.

The frame’s balance point is towards the head, resulting in more power with every shot.

The string pattern is open, giving the racquet every opportunity to grip the ball, allowing you to play perfect drop shots.

This frame features Prince Textreme, which use TeXtreme Spread Tow woven laminates to increase the strength of the frame without added stiffness. Its use reduces twisting in the racket by up to 25% and allows players to hit with control and confidence.

Features a teardrop frame with Prince Power-Ring that increases the length of the main strings over conventional shaped heads, to increase power.

A lightweight but powerful frame, that gives you excellent control- sounds perfect !

Price: $210.00

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