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Icebreaker Run+ Compression Calf Sleeve

When you hit the trails with the RUN+ compression calf sleeve, you feel better. Better on the run because the graduated compression supports your muscles, eliminating the energy sapping jarring that happens with every step, and better after the run because that compression helps move blood, and oxygen, through your muscles for better recovery. Icebreaker's compression sleeve also adds the thermal regulation and odor resistance of merino, so you can wear these sleeves in any condition, day after day.


- Fabric:   46% Merino wool, 45% Nylon, 9% LYCRA®

- Product Weight:   Medium = 44 g / 1.55 oz

- Layer:  Accessories

- Best for:   Running & Fitness

- Benefits:   Muscle support, increased blood-flow and warmth for calf muscles

- Features:   Merino and nylon with elastane provides graduated compression for muscle support and improved blood flow.

- Cushioning:   Ultra-Light Compression

- Colour: Black/ Fuse

- Care:   Machine wash. Tumble dry on low, inside out. Exact instructions on the care label.

Price: $18.00
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